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8 in 1 Soap-N-Spray Car Washing Tool

8 in 1 Soap-N-Spray Car Washing Tool
8 in 1 Soap-N-Spray Car Washing Tool
8 in 1 Soap-N-Spray Car Washing Tool
8 in 1 Soap-N-Spray Car Washing Tool
8 in 1 Soap-N-Spray Car Washing Tool
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Award Winning Best Garden Hose Nozzle of 2018

The Soap-N-Spray Car Washing Tool allows you to clean your vehicle better then any traditional car wash in half the time! This Hose Attachment has a solution container attached which allows you to mix any product with water and spray it at high pressure with just a garden hose. The Universal Attachment connects to any hose!

You can wash your rims, tires, body, and windshield on your vehicle easily and fast! Stop paying hundreds of of dollars for car washes and do it yourself! 

This Soap-N-Spray Hose Attachment has high pressure options with the power to clean rust and grime off of any vehicle.

Why It Works

With more then 10,000 hours of testing, we finally have a device that will help you clean your vehicle from home in half the time of traditional methods. It has all the spray types of a traditional garden nozzle with a refillable soap & chemical dispenser, the top rotating knob allows you to control how much soap or water is spraying out at a time. Do an initial coat of water, switch to soap and then back to water for the perfect rinse. 

Main Features

Multi-Spray Type Nozzle - If you need power for hard to clean spots, or a light rinse this nozzle has it all. Including a Mister, Cone, Rinse, Stream, Shower, Jet and Flat spray setting.

Refillable Solution Dispenser - Anything you need to clean, the soap or chemical that's needed can be filled into the dispenser. Use Car Washing soap, foam or wax, whatever you can think of can be used with the Soap-N-Spray.

Flow Control Switch - Not only can you switch from soap to water, but you can combine the two by rotating more or less how ever you want! Do a 60% water, 40% soap mix if you want. The control is yours!

Universal Attachment - This will connect to any hose or garden hose with ease, simply twist on!

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