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"Breathe-Life" Himalayan Salt Lamp

"Breathe-Life" Himalayan Salt Lamp
"Breathe-Life" Himalayan Salt Lamp
"Breathe-Life" Himalayan Salt Lamp
"Breathe-Life" Himalayan Salt Lamp
"Breathe-Life" Himalayan Salt Lamp
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Take A Deep, Clean Breath Today With "Breathe-Life"


Made from real Himalayan salt crystals, you can place each hand-carved Salt Crystal inside the lamp encasement. The heat through the salt crystals will freshen and beautify your home using any color you choose. Simply press the button in the front to change the color of the lamp, and hold the button to adjust the dimness of the light. Breathe-Life Lamp uses a USB plug charger so it's easy to plug in anywhere in your home, in any country.

The heated salt emits negative ions that help clear the air, naturally dilute odors and provide an ambiance of relaxation. The Breathe-Life Salt Lamp is your perfect meditation & health companion. 

Do you experience headaches, uneasiness or sudden nausea in an overcrowded room? Sometimes even in an air-conditioned room, you might experience these problems.  
So what's the reason? Lack of negative ions in the room.
Read below for some of the benefits surrounding negative ions, You'll be quite happy you did!

Benefits of Negative Ions

Don’t go by the name, there is nothing negative or unhealthy about negative ions. In fact, its positive ions that are unhealthy for the human body.
Ions are invisible charged particles in the air – either molecules or atoms, which bear an electric charge. To put it simply, positive ions are molecules that have lost one or more electrons whereas negative ions are actually oxygen atoms with extra-negatively-charged electrons. Negative Ions are abundant in nature, filling the air within the mountains, trees & oceans!

  • They neutralize free radicals.
  • They revitalize cell metabolism.
  • They enhance immune function.
  • They purify the blood.
  • They balance the autonomic nervous system, promoting deep sleep and healthy digestion.
  • They clear the air of pollutants and airborne allergens

The reason Negative ions clear out all these pollutants is that negative ions attach themselves to positive ions, resulting in the particle to become too heavy and fall to the floor. Resulting in cleaner, healthier air for you and anyone else within the home of the Breathe-Life Salt Lamp.

Product Information

  • The Ionic Natural Salt Crystal Lamp will bring peace to any setting
  • The heat of the lamp dissipates into the salt so the outside does not get hot to the touch
  • Heated salt releases negative ions that help to clear the air and dilute odors
  • Hand carved from Himalayan salt mines
  • One button color changing and light dimming
  • A great complement to meditation routines and also makes a beautiful and unique gift
  • Due to the Salt lamp being a natural rock, sizes may vary

Product Details:
Bulb Life: 50,000 Hours Tested

Certification: CCC,FCC,EMC
Voltage: 24V
Is Bulbs Included: Yes
Wattage: 0-5W
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Power Source: DC
Power Generation: Switch

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