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Healing Crystal Rollers (10 Pack)

Healing Crystal Rollers (10 Pack)
Healing Crystal Rollers (10 Pack)
Healing Crystal Rollers (10 Pack)
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Get full-body health benefits by infusing essential oils with the healing power of crystals. Our roller pack comes with 10 essential crystals for profound healing. Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

Essentials oils take on major healing benefits when infused with various crystals and minerals.
Your body will naturally absorb the crystal infused essential oil, sending deep healing throughout the body and desired area.

Crystals heal in many different ways. Be sure to know which crystal you are using when rolling.
Here is a list of the healing benefits of each crystal included in the pack.

 LUPIS LAZULI: Resonates directly with the Throat Chakra. Roll Lupis Lazuli on the throat if you would like to increase creativity & communication.

BLACK OBSIDIAN: A powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura. This stone has powerful metaphysical properties. Roll on the heart & temples to reach deep levels of meditation. Rolling frequently with black obsidian may make you feel like your "heads in the clouds". A grounding stone will help with this.
RED JASPER: An immensely important grounding stone as it resonates directly with the 3 lower chakras. Roll on your belly and pelvis to help increase Energy, Stamina, Spiritual Grounding.
Clear Quartz: The rockstar of crystals, Clear Quartz is your everyday crystal roller. It provides balance amongst the chakras and provides the user with mental clarity and manifestation. Roll anywhere that needs healing.
Amethyst: Rolling with Amethyst is best used before bed as it promotes relaxation. It resonates directly with the Crown Chakra and helps cure physical ailments of the nervous system, as well as nightmares, and insomnia.
Rose Quartz: A powerful healer regarding emotional traumas. Rose Quartz rolling can help attract love and help balance your emotions. Roll on the heart and chest to calm down and relax. Beneficial on dates and at parties.
Green Adventurine: Improves your perception, intelligence, and memory. It is also an all-around healing stone benefiting the lungs, liver, sinuses, & heart.  Roll anywhere to get benefits. Especially use before learning or a test.
Fluorite: Greatly levels out the energy around and within you and pulls out heavy metal pollution. One of the best stones for boosting psychic communication when rolled on third-eye. Rolling with Fluorite a lot may make you feel "spaced out". Use a grounding stone if needed.
Tigers Eye Jasper: If you suffer from anxiety, Tigers Eye is the stone you need. It removes fear and allows for understanding & decision making. Resonates with the lower Chakras allowing for a great sense of grounding. 

Sodalite: This is your support stone, rolling with Sodalite will provide you with Self-Acceptance, Self-Esteem, and ultimately Self-Confidence. Resonates with the heart, throat, third-eye, & crown.

Our Healing Crystal rollers come in packs of ten so you'll have the ultimate healing package pre-made for you with handpicked & polished crystals.

The Sacred Geometry of infusing water & oils with crystals:

A study was done in 1994 by Dr. Masaru Emoto showing that water when photographed or viewed at a molecular level, took on beautiful sacred geometry. Water took this shape when introduced to music, prayer, sacred symbols, & crystals. When this water was drunk or bathed in people reported feeling increased energy and deeply relaxed. Some report feeling lighter and had an increased sense of "peace & understanding". Click here to see the photographs.

Handmade & Handpicked
Roller size:
Quantity: 10pcs
Package: Bottles and Box
Bottle material: Glass

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