"Sticky Mold" Mouldable Glue 5pc Set

"Sticky Mold" Mouldable Glue 5pc Set
"Sticky Mold" Mouldable Glue 5pc Set
"Sticky Mold" Mouldable Glue 5pc Set
"Sticky Mold" Mouldable Glue 5pc Set
"Sticky Mold" Mouldable Glue 5pc Set
"Sticky Mold" Mouldable Glue 5pc Set
"Sticky Mold" Mouldable Glue 5pc Set
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Sometimes the smallest little breaks make something totally useless and you might have to replace it. Our Sticky Mold is designed to be the ultimate quick and permanent fix for those small breaks like cables, hooks, cracks and everything in between. Stick it, mold it, and set it.

What is it

Sticky Mold is a mouldable glue that sticks to any surface and hardens into a durable/flexible silicone rubber. The glue is universal and is perfect for fixing, creating, and DIY projects.

Fix or Create

Our mold has a huge variety of uses. You can use it to fix exposed/broken wires, fill in cracks, and even handles. Not only can you fix anything you think of, you can also create. With your imagination, you can create anything like toothbrush holders, phone stands, zippers and even hooks for clothing or containers. The possibilities are endless.


The Sticky Mold is created to feel soft and can be shaped into anything you want like other putties. You can roll the glue, press it where you need it, and shape it however you want with just your fingers.


Our glue is made with advanced technologies that allows it to harden overnight and transforms it into a flexible silicone rubber. The material will flex with whatever you attach it to, so you can fix things that need to bend such as wire cables, fabrics, or flexible plastics.

Strong and Durable

Once shaped and molded, the Sticky Mold is extremely long lasting and incredibly strong just like other silicone rubbers. You can use the mold to fix things that may take a beating like bathrooms, long-term sun exposure areas, and even outdoors. When the mold has hardened it becomes very strong and can hold up to 5 lbs of weight and won't budge if bumped. The mold also can withstand heat and freezing temperatures (-50c to 180c) and it completely waterproof.


Specifally designed to bond permanently to almost anything including, ceramics, metals, wood, glass, stone, plastic, and even fabrics.

How to Use:

  • Roll the Sticky Mold into your desired shape
  • Place it over or around the broken object (crack, cord, etc.)
  • Smooth and press
  • Let sit for a full day (the glue will start to harden after 30 min)

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