Biodegradable Produce Bags

Biodegradable Produce Bags
Biodegradable Produce Bags
Biodegradable Produce Bags
Biodegradable Produce Bags
Biodegradable Produce Bags
Biodegradable Produce Bags
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Reusable - Biodegradable - Renewable

With the Reusable Produce Bags bursting onto the scene we are seeing grocery markets everywhere making the switch to eco-friendly products and we understand why. 
People are educated on the fact that living in the world of plastic pollution is not sustainable. We vowed to help market a product that will help curb plastic waste and put a stop to single-use plastics.

Our Biodegradable Produce Bags are reusable, meaning you can use them how many times you like. If they do end up being thrown away you can rest assured that they will break down in the environment and become food for the earth.

Besides being zero-waste, our Biodegradable Produce Bags have many other perks which include:

♻️ Made From 100% Biodegradable Cotton
♻️ Keeps Food Fresh Longer
♻️ Washing Machine Friendly
♻️ An Easy Way To Reduce Single-Use Plastics
♻️ Simple To Rinse Produce

Our Produce Bags come in a beautiful 9 piece & 6 piece package which includes 3 different sizes, ensuring you will have enough bags for your next stop at the market.

The Horrifying Facts Behind Plastic

Plastic takes over 1000 years to degrade in the environment. Our Biodegradable produce bags take 3-5 Months. Not only does plastic take thousands of years to degrade, but animals often mistake it food.

On average 4-6 plastic produce bags are being used by an individual every time they shop, that's over 250 bags per person, per year. That's legit over a 100 Billion produce bags a year that end up in our trash in America alone.

By using these Reusable Produce Bags you will be helping spread the awareness of the eco-lifestyle every time you shop. It really is an easy way to start an eco-positive life choice.

Product Information

Material: Biodegradable Cotton
Weight Capacity: 
20 Pounds
Washing Machine Friendly (Hang Dry)

9 Pack: 
3x Large, 3x Medium, 3x Small
6 Pack: 2x Large, 2x Medium, 2x Small

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